Skidmore Letters to Santa, 1908 – Part 3

The Skidmore New Era invited the children of Skidmore, Missouri and surrounding area to publish their letters to Santa Claus in its December 17, 1908 edition. We’re continuing the list today:

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, ’08.
Dear Santa Claus:
I am a little girl eight years old and go a mile to school. My teacher is Miss Laura Pugh. Have a little sister four years old and a little brother two years old. Would like for you to bring my little sister a big doll, some nice story books, some candy and nuts. Bring my little brother a top, horse and wagon, some candy and nuts. Please bring me a big doll and a necklace, some story books, candy and nuts.
Francis Jackson.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, ’08.
Dear Santa Claus:
Am going to write and tell you what I want for Christmas. Would like to get a story book, a locket and chain, a doll, some candy and nuts. Please remember Hope and Pauline and all the little boys and girls.
Your little girl,
Ella Manchester.

Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me some story books and a boy’s racer and some candy and nuts for me and Marie and anything else you want to bring. I am trying to be a good by.
Good by Santa Claus,
Sterling Thomas.

Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me something for Christmas. Bring me a ball, a bat and a glove too. Bring a little wagon for George Beverlin, and a little doll for Lelia Beverlin. I hope very boy and girl will have a good Christmas.
Your friend,
Ernest Beverlin.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 1, 1908.
Dear Santa, North Pole:
Please bring me a drum, a horn, a train, a story book and a little boat. I live just across the street from the lumber yard.
Good bye Santa,
Erman Miller.

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