Skidmore Improving

Not bad for an almost-twenty-year-old.  From the May 12, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Skidmore Improving

Squire Miller, Joseph W. Hutchison and H. C. Hasty, of Skidmore, were in the county seat, Tuesday, attending to some business in Probate court.

Squire Miller remarked to a Democrat reporter that Skidmore is improving very much.  W. J. Skidmore has recently laid out a new addition, and already has sold several lots – in a few cases blocks – on which parties will build.  One of these parties is Daniel Albright.

Skidmore enjoys a good trade, has a good class of business men and citizens, is surrounded by a splendid country, and industrious, honorable and peace-loving citizens.

Mr. Miller says there is quite a fair prospect, from what he learns, for Skidmore to get the proposed Kansas City, St. Joseph, & Omaha railroad, if the same is built, and the opinion is quite general that it will be.

Skidmore is growing, and may it ever continue to grow. — Nodaway Democrat.

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