Skidmore High School New Year Dinner, 1915

Hard work and generosity paid off, as we see in the January 7, 1915 edition of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri):

The High School New Year Dinner.

Tell me that young people can’t do things! This dinner was a success from start to finish.

They went about it with as much system as anybody could put into such. Even though new year day is not the best day for such things, they were full of the right kind of a spirit and of course it had to go.

But Skidmore and community is made up of a class of people that have their hearts in the right place. They are always ready to help any good cause. What needy there are among us never suffer and we can still do a little foreign mission.

I consider that the high school did very well as it was at a time when everybody had been giving gifts and they felt as though their purses were getting very shallow.

The money that they wish to contribute to the Belgian relief fund will be sixty dollars. The high school is very thankful for the aid extended by all.

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