Skidmore High School Expands, 1909

Education news from the June 17, 1909 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Skidmore High School Raises Standard of Work
Another Teacher Added.
School Will Be Placed On Accredited List Of The University of Missouri.
Frank Hull New Teacher

The Board of Education for the Skidmore high school, has employed an additional teacher and will raise the standard of work sufficiently this fall to permit the school being placed on the accredited list of the University of Missouri. This is an object for which the board has long worked, believing that the school had reached a point when it demanded and needed a higher educational grade and larger facility. The new teacher will be Prof. Frank Hull of Maryville, and he will have charge of the seventh and eighth grades. Miss Lizetta Gibson, who has been teaching these grades, has been promoted to the high school. This will make an exceptionally strong faculty of six teachers in all including the principal, two of whom will be in the high school.

The educational work that the Skidmore school has done in the past has compared favorably with that of the best schools of the county. Many of her graduates have gone direct from the school to the school room and become successful teachers, and others have taken up higher branches in State normals, colleges and universities and found their work here entirely satisfactory as far as it had gone. Now that the school has been, or will be, placed in perfect harmony with the University of Missouri, it ought to greatly increase our enrollment and interest, especially in the high school department.

Are you doing everything you can for Skidmore High School? If you are a citizen of the town or even the community and are not, you are not doing your duty.

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