Skidmore Garage Changes Hands

More business news from the January 23, 1919 Skidmore News, page 1:

Garage Changes Hands.

After having had a hand in the management of the business of the Skidmore Garage Co. since it was organized in January 1910, Albert Logan is retiring from the business having sold the stock of accessories, tools and fixtures to Martin and Oto Riley last Saturday.

Mr. Logan was first associated with Dr. J. E. Pierpoint in the business, which was opened up in the room just east of the Model Drug Co’s store and is the pioneer in that industry in Skidmore.  That the business has been successful under his management is sown by the immense growth it has made since it was established.

The new proprietors are already in charge and will conduct the business along the lines that have been followed in the past, with the addition of a complete storage battery equipment which will make it unnecessary to send batteries out of town for repair and recharging.

The Messrs. Riley are industrious reliable young men and the business under their control bids fair to maintain its high standard of efficiency.


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