Skidmore City Water System, 1922

Municipal infrastructure news from the January 5, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

City Water System Nearing Completion.
Well Being Dug This Week — Storage Tank Has Been Partly Erected.

Work was resumed last week on the water works, after an interval of about two weeks. The fire hydrants were connected and a new test well dug east of the depot. This test well proved satisfactory, and work was commenced Saturday afternoon on the fifteen foot well that is to supply the town with water.

The 100-foot steel tower was erected just west of the school grounds the latter part of the week and a portion of the big storage tank is now in place. No work was done on the tank Tuesday and yesterday on account of the weather, but only a few days will be required to finish it.

Several days will be required to complete the well. It had been dug to a depth of about ten feet when the crew quit work yesterday. The engineer’s specifications call for a well thirty feet deep, walled with concrete.

When the well and storage tank are finished, a pump house is to be built over the well and the pump and motor installed, and the water system will be ready for use.

Here’s a follow-up from the January 26, 1922 edition:

Water System Will Be Finished Soon.
Probably Another Week Will Be Required to Finish Work — Fire Alarm Needed.

Within another week, the city water system should be in operation. The well was finished the first of this week and the tank also has been completed. As soon as the pumps and motor can be installed and the pump house built, the system will be complete.

The water mains and fire hydrants have been in for some time, and the city has two hose carts and sufficient hose for fire protection; and now that the well has been dug and the storage tank is ready for use, the great remaining need is for an effectual fire alarm.

An electric siren would be an efficient alarm; and could be operated from the telephone office, thus being immediately available when a fire is reported. Under the existing conditions, half of the town might burn, in spite of the water works and the other half never know it. Skidmore needs an alarm that will warn every citizen when a fire occurs.

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