Skidmore Band News, 1923

Musical news from the front page of the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), April 5, 1923:

A Little Excitement.
Last Monday night about ten o’clock, as everything was dark and still, with the exception of the band practice, Leon Bagby came to the hall, almost exhausted, with the warning that the Farmers Bank burglar alarm was going off. Some of the band boys went out to see what they could find, but most of them stayed at the hall. Mr. Montgomery was notified and he at once came down and stopped the “noise.” He said that the alarm was not set at just the right place which caused it to start at that time of night. The street lights were on, but went out immediately after the alarm started. The band practice adjourned until the following night.

Special Practice.
There will be special practice for the beginners of the band next Monday night at the Legion hall. All who are thinking of joining are requested to be present. Jesse Barrett has offered to render his service for the beginners and with a few private instructions the boys will be able to play with the older ones.

Tuesday night is the regular band practice night and everyone is urged to be present. A good practice was had last Monday and Tuesday nights and money was raised to purchase 18 or 20 new pieces of music, containing marches and overtures, which will last for a while. From all indications the boys will be ready to give open air concerts as soon as the weather will permit. (If it doesn’t warm too soon.)

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