Six Doctors and an Editor Board a Train

Talk about health care has frightened us for generations, it seems.  From the July 14, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

There were six doctors in the smoking car on the north bound passenger, Monday evening.  J. E. Pierpoint and J. M. Hutt of Skidmore, Wyman of Maitland, Minton of Napier, Geiger and Hamlin of St. Joseph, and if you count dentists – they are generally given the appellation of “Doc” – another one, Algire of Oklahoma might be added making the number seven instead of six.  The “punkin” editor, who had to ride all the way from St. Joseph with these men of the knife and pill box, says it was the most harrowing experience he ever endured, and he is confident that if he had been so unfortunate as to have any hair on the top of his head – where he used to have hair – it would be standing yet from listening to the hair-raising and blood-curdling conversation of the M.D.s.

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