Sidewalks and Hitch Racks, 1906

Skidmore, Missouri’s newspaper editor often urged townspeople to be town boosters. Throughout the years, the editors also felt compelled to tell the town to shape up. Here are two examples from the August 9, 1906 edition of the Skidmore New Era, page 1:

A Little Walk Talk.
It is not at all unlikely that someone will receive injury from a fall caused by a defective sidewalk in this city if some of the walks are suffered to remain in their present condition.

A lady in Graham received a fall on a defective walk last spring and received injuries so serious that she has been bed-fast most of the time since the accident occurred. When the town board that the city found was to be sued for damages, rather than to stand suit and face a judgement of perhaps several hundred dollars, an attempt was made to compromise, and the town was fortunate enough to effect a settlement for $75.

It is seldom that a town can make so cheap a settlement as this, therefore, would it not be cheaper to have these walks mended or replaced with new ones than to run the risk of a law suit.

Then with the Punkin Show so near at hand when our city will be full of strangers, upon whom we wish to make a favorable impression good walks will speak as loud as neatly kept lawns and nicely painted buildings. Let’s fix ’em up.

Need More Hitch Racks.
By taking a stroll around the streets one would think that the town was well supplied with hitch racks, but on busy days it is plain to be seen that some of the people who come to trade with our merchants are not able to find a place near the business section to tie their teams but have to drive to some private hitching post or tie to a fence.

If people are disposed to come to this town to trade, ample place should be provided by the town to accommodate their teams without depending upon private individuals for this accommodation.

Better have a few empty hitch racks near the business center than to discommode those who favor us with their patronage.

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