Seventeen Cars of Stock, 1907

Agribusiness news from the July 25, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Seventeen Cars of Stock.
Monday and Tuesday of this week were banner stock shipping days at the Skidmore station. On Monday there were ten cars sent out loaded with cattle and hogs; and on Tuesday five more car loads were loaded here. All this stock was shipped to the St. Joseph market.
Those shipping Monday were:
Ed Dawson, one mixed car.
Frank Appleman, one mixed car.
Ross Appleman, one car cattle.
J. G. Hays, one car cattle.
M. R. Hays, one car cattle.
T. B. Slaughter, one car cattle.
Wm. Saunders, one car hogs.
J. T. Linville, one car hogs.
J. D. Montgomery, one car hogs.
Those who shipped Tuesday were;
Linville & Slaughter, 2 cars cattle.
John Barrett, two cars hogs.
Dave Wright, one car hogs.
Noble Irvin, one car hogs.
Tuesday’s north bound freight brought in a car load of cattle for Henry Rowlette.

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