Seven Shopping Days Before Christmas, 1908

Have you finished your holiday shopping, yet? If not, perhaps the R. B. Foster store of Skidmore, Missouri can help. Here are some ideas from the store’s ad in the December 17, 1908 Skidmore New Era:

Ad for R. B. Foster store of Skidmore, Missouri. "Seven Shopping Days Before Christmas." Text follows.

Advertisement for the R. B. Foster store in Skidmore, Missouri in December 1908 reads, “Seven Shopping Days Before Christmas. R. B. Foster, ‘The Home of Little Prices.’ In the great variety of holiday gifts to be found, here are the latest creations. if you want something that is desirable, yet inexpensive, you can find it here; or if you want a more expensive gift it is here as well. Silk and dress goods – sale now on. Some of the most remarkable values you will find anywhere. If you are contemplating having a handsome dress or waist pattern, don’t fail to see our line. Cloaks and furs. We have, by far, the finest line of ladies’ and children’s cloaks and furs in town. The very choicest goods to be had, and offered now for the holidays at 25 per cent discount. Everything right ‘up to the minute’ in style, and guaranteed in every way. Gift suggestions: Fancy China, Japanese novelties, Haviland China, fancy lamps, handkerchief boxes, glove boxes, table linens, fancy linens, bed spreads, handkerchiefs, hand bags, scarfs, combs, gloves, belts, mufflers, fancy ribbon, lace curtains, collars, neckties, mittens, fancy hose, caps, house slippers. We thank each and every one who has helped to make 1908 a prosperous year for us, and we solicit a continuance of your patronage for the year of 1909. We also extend a hearty welcome to any customers who see fit to give us at least a part of their trade. Wishing you a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year, R. B. Foster, Skidmore, Mo.”

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