Screen Now

Ad for wire screen material at Manchester and Dodds. Text of ad follows.
From the July 3, 1919 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 4.

Advertisement for Manchester and Dodds of Skidmore, Missouri reads, “Prescribe Pearl. The proof is thorough that flies spread typhoid fever and mosquitoes malaria. Prescribe before it may be necessary for the Doctor to do so. A high typhoid rate in Summer means infected flies. Screen with Pearl Wire Cloth. We sell it because it is the best. It is as near rust proof as metal can be made — consequently as near wear proof as screen material can be. Longest lasting — therefore most economical — as well as the most handsome on the market. Insist upon the genuine which has two copper wires in the selvage and the Round Tag on every roll. We will be glad to show it. Don’t wait — screen now! Manchester & Dodds.”

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