School Fair in Skidmore, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), November 10, 1921, page 1:

School Fair Will Be Held Next Week.
Nine Rural Schools in Skidmore District Will Furnish Exhibits.

Superintendent J. W. Pierce announced yesterday afternoon that a school fair will be held here on Saturday, November 19. The nine rural schools in the Skidmore Consolidated District will be asked to participate, and premiums will be offered for the best exhibits in the various classes. Details have not been worked out as yet, but there will be exhibits of farm products such as grains, hay, fruits, etc., which have been produced by the school children; maps, note books, posters, charts, wood work, canning, and in fact, everything that the pupils have to show.

President Uel Lamkin of the Northwest Missouri State Teachers College has promised to be present and speak. Mr. Stanfield, head of the department of agriculture at the College, and R. A. Kinnaird, county farm agent, will judge the agricultural exhibits, and will probably speak also. Someone from the domestic science department at the College will be here to judge the canning exhibits and any other exhibits that may come under the domestic science head.
Although it was not definitely decided until yesterday that the fair would be held, the pupils in several of the rural schools were told the first of the week that it was being considered, and they are very enthusiastic over the prospect.

Programs will be sent to the various teachers at once, and they will instruct the pupils in preparing their exhibits.

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