School Fair a Success, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), November 24, 1921, pages 1 and 4:

School Fair Was A Decided Success.
Many Excellent Exhibits Were Entered — President Lamkin Spoke.

The school fair held at Royal Hall last Saturday was even more of a success than many had anticipated. There were many excellent exhibits entered, and some of the schools had beautifully arranged and attractive booths. The posters and wood work exhibits were especially good, and there were a number of exhibits of farm products which were also good. Fewer exhibits were entered in the domestic science department, but those that were entered were good.

A great deal of interest was shown, not only by the pupils who entered exhibits, but by the patrons of the schools. There were some five or six hundred present, and many were heard to express their pleasure in the event.

County Agent R. A. Kinnaird judged the farm products; Bert Cooper, former county superintendent of schools, the posters, note books and wood work; and Miss Mabel Cook of the Teachers College, the domestic science exhibits. While the judging was being done, the audience enjoyed some selections by the orchestra, after which President Lamkin of the State Teachers College gave an address.

Following President Lamkin’s address, a short recess was taken while preparations were being made for showing the Nodaway County films. In addition to these films, “Hats Off, The Flag is Passing By” was shown.

The winners in the various classes were:
For best booth — 1. Union Star, 2. Mount Vernon, 3. Union Valley
Best display of farm products — 1. Liberty, 2. Mount Vernon, 3. Scrub Oak
Best ten ears yellow corn — Class A (boys and girls 14 years of age and under) – 1. Helena Goslee, 2. Vivian Goslee, 3. Lois Conrad
Best ten ears white corn — Class A – 1. Hall Bros. 2. Hardin Bird
Best ten ears yellow corn — Class B (boys and girls from 15 to 20 years of age) – 1. Henry Rowlett
Best pack of winter wheat — 1. Ernest Brown, 2. Hall Bros.
Best peck of oats — 1. Hall Bros., 2. Lloyd Barber
Best gallon of clover seed — 1. Hardin Bird
Best gallon of Timothy seed — 1. Donald Twaddell, 2. Ralph Barber
Largest pumpkin — 1. Vida Rowlett, 2. Glen Murphy
Largest Squash — 1. Glorena Barber, 2. Gordon Medsker
Best peck of potatoes — 1. Francis Hyder, 2. Lois Conrad
Best canning rack — 1. Mary Ruddell, 2. Martha Pfeiffer, 3. Lucile Caywood
Drying rack — 1. Ernest Brown, 2. William Ruddell, 3. Helena Goslee
Hanging basket — 1. Blanch Brown, 2. Gladys Dewitt, 3. Howard Dewitt
Ironing board — 1. Howard Dewitt
Medicine chest — 1. Oren Linville
Miter box — 1. Blanch Brown, 2. Harlan Brown, 3. Donald Hart
Best sample of labeled weed seed — 1. Bertha Mae Linville
Best poster showing stand of corn — 1. R. G. Medsker
Best poster showing food survey — 1. Union Star
Best poster showing crop survey — 1. Blanch Brown
Best poster on foods — 1. Liberty, 2. Ernest Brown, 3. Byrl Northup
Best health poster — 1. Gordon Medsker, 2. Lola Lawson, 3. Lucille Caywood
Best agriculture note book — 1. Helena Goslee, 2. Blanch Brown, 3. Opal Hays
Best can of small fruit — 1. Maggie Lowrance, 2. Lois Conrad, 3. Lucy Twaddell
Best can of large fruit — 1. Lois Conrad, 2. Maggie Lowrance, 3. Ernest Brown
Best can of corn — 1. Union Valley, 2. Maggie Lowrance
Best can of beets — 1. Lois Conrad, 2. Maggie Lowrance, 3. Union Star
Grape jelly — 1. Union Star, 2. Helena Goslee
Blackberry jelly — 1. Maggie Lowrance
Best can of tomatoes — 1. Lois Conrad, 2. Burr Oak, 3. Blanch Brown
Best pound of butter — 1. Verda Fray, 2. Donald Hart
Best work apron — 1. Margaret Campbell, 2. Verda Fray

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