School Closes Early, 1908

Education news from the March 19, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

School Report.
Report of the Skidmore Public Schools for the third quarter ending the 29th of February.

High School.
11th Grade: Rank 1, Louie Skidmore; Rank 2, Elma Rodman. By class: Rank 1, Louie Skidmore, Lit., Alg., Lat., Hist. & Gov’t. Elma Rodman, Latin. Rank 2, Elman Rodman Lit., Alg. and Gov’t.

10th Grade: Rank 1, Maude Hutt, rank 2, Napoleon French. By class: Rank 1: Maude Hutt, Phys. Geog., Alg. and Latin. Napoleon French, Phys. Geog., Hist. and Gov’t. Rank 2, Maude Hutt, Hist. and Gov’t. Bessie Hitchcock, Latin. R. G. Sewell. Phys. Geog. and Algebra. Rose Barrett, Phys. Geog.

9th Grade: Rank 1, Nita Strickler. Rank 2, Amy Barrett. By class: Rank 1: Nita Strickler, Lat., Lit. and Hist. Amy Barrett, Alg. Rank 2: Rachel Mitchell, Latin. Lawrence Howden, Alg. William Horn, Algebra. Katie Rodman, Lit. and History. Amy Barrett, History.

The Grades.
8th Grade: Rank 1: Frances Montgomery. Rank 2: Helen Hutt.
7th Grade: Rank 1: Florence Jordan. Rank 2: Florence Fullerton.
6th Grade: Rank 1: Nellie Jordan. Rank 2: Ralston McClain.
5th Grade: Rank 1: Neal Montgomery. Rank 2: Berman Wheeler, Harry Sewell.
4th Grade: Rank 1: Byron Owen, Rollo HOwden. Rank 2: Lettie Rodman.
3rd Grade: Rank 1: Gladys Holt, Florence Foster. Rank 2: Bernice Linville.
2nd Grade: Rank 1: Leonard Jordan. Rank 2: Letha Strickler.
1st Grade: Rank 1: Mabel Beverlin. Rank 2: Rounsaville Clark.

On account of the lack of funds school will close a month earlier this year (the 27th of March). The different grades will not be able to finish up all of their work but some arrangement will be made for those who have done satisfactory work to be promoted next year. Parents are urged to cooperate with the teacher in obtaining the best results during the remainder of the term.

L. J. Stewart, Supt.

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