School Begins, 1908

Hurrah for school! From the August 27, 1908 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

School Begins September 7.
Whoop! Whoop! Hurrah!
Get ready for school!
The vacation days are about over and soon we will see young people dashing here and there, gathering up books, slates, pencils and such articles as they use in the school room, and we will soon hear the ringing of the bell calling them to their studies. The depot platform will be filled with boys and girls who have finished the course of study taught in the home school and are leaving to enter schools where they may acquire a finished education.

It will seem then as though the world had just awakened from a several months’ slumber — everything will be hurry with the school children.
One week from next Monday, the doors of our school will be thrown open and a new year’s work begun. All indications point toward a good school at this place this year. The new principal, Prof. Nick Geyer, will have charge of the high school. He has had several years experience in school work, and comes here highly recommended, and the ladies, Misses Gibson, Ward, Linville and Hutt, who will have charge of the grades, are all known to be first class instructors.

Here’s wishing Skidmore a successful school year.

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