S. B. Fargo, Pension Getter

Perhaps one of your ancestors enlisted the services of S. B. Fargo? Here’s one of that attorney’s success stories from the January 17, 1907 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

A Pension Getter.

In the last two months S. B. Fargo, our pension attorney, has succeeding in securing pensions for two old soldiers. One of these men, Joseph A. Williamson, lives at Moore, Okla., and learning that Judge Fargo was very successful in the matter of securing pensions, applied to him to try and get a pension for him. Judge Fargo had considerable trouble in landing this pension, but at last succeded in securing $8 per month for Mr. Williamson.

Within the past few days the Judge has been notified that his effort to secure a pension of $12 a month for Benjamin F. Bagby has been successful. it is seldom the Judge fails to secure a pension when he goes after it.

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