Road Maintenance, 1902

In the “oh, my, how we appreciate our road crews” department, we offer the following civic report from the January 14, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

The Township Board Meets.

The Township board met Friday.  A proposition was laid before the board by A. Bingaman and some of his neighbors, that if the board would furnish drags for keeping the roads in order, they would use the drags without charge to the township.  The board ordered two drags made and placed at the disposal of Mr. Bingaman and his neighbors.

The road supervisors have been insisting on all hedges along the public highways being cut as required by law, and several petitions were placed before the board to have the time extended for cutting hedge, claiming that the hedge in many instances was along their feed lots and serves as a protection to their stock.  The board thought best to leave the matter in the hands of the supervisors and no action was taken.

The township needs a building in which the grader, scrapers and other tools could be stored.  At present these essentials to making good roads are left out in the weather from one year’s end to another, and this matter was also brought up in the meeting Friday.”

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