Resolutions: Visit the School

Here’s a resolution for you: visit your child’s school. This suggestion comes to us from the Fairfax Forum by way of the Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), January 10, 1907:

Visit the School.

How many of our school children’s parents ever visit the schools or even know the teachers when they meet them on the street? How many know what their children are studying or how they are progressing?

Is there any of you who have a building to make or a fence to build; a dress to make; a house to paint, or what ever the joyo may be that say to the one you have employed: “Here are the tools and the material. Go ahead and do it to suit yourself and it will suit me.” Is not that what many of you are doing with your children? You say by your actions: “Here is my child with its books, paper and pencil. I’ve furnished material and tools. Educate him as you like.”

Now we hear some of you say: “The teacher knows better what he should study than I do.” While that may be part true, the carpenter or painter or dressmaker know better how to do the work, yet you do not leave it all to them.

On the rising generation depends the welfare of this great nation. Patrons and parents, take more interest in our schools and visit them often, and by your presence give the teachers more encouragement; ask them how your children are doing. Perhaps a few minutes’ talk with them will save trouble that years to come can never undo. Think about this and ask yourself if you are doing right. — Fairfax Forum.

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