Ravenwood Weighs in on Real Estate, 1909

More on the good news of Skidmore real estate – this time in the form of competition from Ravenwood’s newspaper editor. From the Skidmore New Era, March 11, 1909, page 1:

Good But You Will Have to do Better.

Last week’s issue of the Skidmore New Era told of Mrs. R. A. Skidmore being offered $10,000, or $500 an acre for 20 acres of land adjoining Skidmore, but they failed to say how much improvement was on the land. We know of several 20-acre tracts within a radius of 1 mile of Ravenwood that $10,000 would not begin to buy, but it is not land alone that makes it that price. Now, where is the high-priced land, Brother Baker? Say, Baker, only Saturday of last week, 62 acres of land adjoining Ravenwood was sold for $125 per acre with no improvements except a wire fence on three sides, and a little two-room house. How is that? — Ravenwood Gazette.

We well know, Brother Smith, that you have a fine country over there, and we are proud that Ravenwood and vicinity is a part and parcel of the great county of Nodaway which is so rich in fine farms, good improvements and stocked with the best cattle, horses and hogs in the country, to say nothing about the best people in the world.

Yes the 20 acres referred to has some improvements, it is well improved, but $500 an acre is considerably more than $125, besides $500 did not buy this farm and we don’t know how much more it would take.

Say, Brother Smith, did you notice in last week’s New Era that a cow pasture of 200 acres, near Skidmore with only a wire fence and the improvements Mother Nature gave it sold for $20,000 — $100 an acre — and mark you, this is 200 acres, not expected to be cut up into town lots and sold for residence property either, but brought the price because it was a paying investment just as it was. You will have to hurry over there if you keep up your end of the string.

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