R. B. Foster Robbed

Crime news from the August 21, 1903 Skidmore Standard:

Store Broken Into.

R. B. Foster’s store was broken into Wednesday night.  No traces of how the robbers effected an entrance has been found.  When John H. Porter opened up yesterday morning he found some dry goods scattered over the floor and traces of where the thief had rummaged around, but nothing but several shirts and pairs of children’s hose supporters are missing.

Mr. Porter says the only way he sees that they could have gotten in was by unlocking the front door.  When he opened up, the door might not have been locked; as the lock is so made that the key will turn whether the bolt is slipped or not.

It is the opinion of a number in this city that the person or persons doing this devilment, is not a stranger by any means and as there has been quite a number of petty robberies in the past few months, the merchants are getting very tired of it and should the guilty one be apprehended it would not be very pleasant for him.

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