Quilting Party, 1921

From the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), November 10, 1921, page 1:

Quilting Party.

Last Thursday about sixty-five ladies met at the home of Mrs. Mary Reese and held an all day quilting. Dinner was served at noon. Three comforts were made, and all had a very pleasant day.

Those present were: Mrs. R. A. Walker, Mrs. J. C. Spahr, Mrs. G. L. Owen, Mrs. Henry Barrett, Mrs. C. E. Olson, Mrs. Clyde Barrett, Mrs. R. F. Medsker, Mrs. James Gale, Mrs. Jas. Parrish, Mrs. Mary Burke, Mrs. Wm. Berry, Mrs. B. O. Ford, Mrs. Roy Morgan, Mrs. J. A. Hill, Mrs. Lester Linville, Mrs. John Bodle, Mrs. Will Bodle, Mrs. George Patterson, Mrs. Elias Patterson, Mrs. Reuben Barrett, Mrs. J. O. Miller, Mrs. Will James, Mrs. Dave Mitchell, Mrs. Mary Reese, Mrs. W. C. McMillen, Mrs. Bud Crenshaw, Mrs. E. Trapp, Mrs. Abe Loucks, Mrs. Joe Tom Linville, Mrs. Ralph Wampler, Mrs. A. C. Barber, Mrs. Mary Dawson, Mrs. Stratford Saunders, Mrs. Herb Stevens, Mrs. Fount Stults, Miss Laura Stults, Miss Daisy Dawson, Miss Dora Albright, Mrs. Ed Albright, Mrs. Gaylord Dilts, Mrs. Mary Garnett, Mrs. Nora Smith, Mrs. Ed King, Mrs. Amanda Hoblitzell, Mrs. George Porter, Miss Lottie Reese, Miss Willie Reese, Mrs. Fred Peoples, Mrs. Ralston McClain, Mrs. Sarah Russell, Mrs. Miles Cook, Mrs. Martin Riley, Mrs. George Riley, Mrs. Wes Barrett, Mrs. George Manchester, Mrs. Mary Brand, Mrs. Grace Lyle, Mrs. C. E. Owens, Mrs. Dave White, Mrs. Vol Coston, Mrs. J. I. Jones, Mr. and Mrs. Lansing Reese, Elmer Reese, C. E. Olson, G. L. Owen, J. O. Miller.

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