Quality Gasoline, 1921

From the May 26, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 3:

Advertisement for Primrose and Red Crown Gasoline, 1921. Text follows.
Skidmore News, May 26, 1921, p. 3.

Advertisement reads, “Quality Gasoline. Choose your brand of gasoline and stand by it. Choose the grade you like best and stick to it. Those are two good rules for any motorist to follow. It is not always convenient or possible to live up to them unless you choose your filling station and make it a rule to go there always. To buy here is a good habit. By being forehanded — by anticipating your gasoline needs — you can make provision for always filling your tank here. Then you will be sure of a gasoline uniform in quality, high in power, moderate in price. Prompt service – certain satisfaction. ‘Service that Satisfies’ Skidmore Garage Co. G. Oto Riley, Proprietor. Primrose and Red Crown Gasoline. United States Tires.”

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