Punkin Show Winners, 1901

Skidmore had another successful year with its Punkin Show in 1901. Here’s who won, as reported in the October 11, 1901 Skidmore Standard, page 1. To find out what they won, see the Premium List for 1901.

Contestants Receive Prizes last Friday and Saturday.

Apples — Best 6 varieties, any kind. G. Mark Brown 1st; A. F. Howden 2nd.
Apples — Best display. Wm. Mills, 1st; A. F. Howden, 2nd.
Apples — Ben Davis. Henry Linville.
Apples — Jonathan. A. Rounds.
Apples — Wine Sap. Chas. Fifer.
Peaches — Finest display. James Charles, 1st; Chas. Kaufman, 2nd.
Pears — Finest display. John Lorance, 1st; James Charles, 2nd.
Vegetables — Best display. A. C. Woods.
Potatoes — Best display Irish. James Parshall, 1st; Jas. Carden, 2nd.
Potatoes — Best peck any variety. Geo. Riley, 1st; J. L. Linville, 2nd.
Sweet Potatoes — Best display. Mrs. J. L. Payton, 1st; Miss Ollie Hobbs, 2nd.
Onions — Best Peck. Chas. Kaufman, 1st; James Smith, 2nd.
Turnips. Martin Raines.
Beets. Geo. Eckert.
Radishes. Oliver Grooms.
Beans. A. C. Wood.
Cabbages — Jep Collins.
Pumpkins — largest. Chas. Kaufman, 1st; R. C. Shields, 2nd.
Pumpkins — best display. R. C. Shields, 1st; Chas. Kaufman, 2nd.
Pumpkins — largest number of varieties. Chas. Kaufman, 1st; R. C. Shields, 2nd.
Squashes — largest. R. C. Shields.
Squashes — best display. A. Fifer.
Gourds — best display. W. A. Little.
Corn — best 12 ears any variety. J. B. Marcus.
Corn — best display. Jep Collins, 1st; Chas Kaufman, 2nd.
Corn — best 12 ears white. M. C. Thompson, 1st; John Hendrick, 2nd.
Wheat. Geo. Eckert.
Oats. C. A. Knepper, 1st; Everett Linville, 2nd.
Clover seed. Strat Saunders.
Timothy seed. W. H. Brown.
Pop corn. Miss Lilly Smith.
Grain and seeds — best display. Pearl Hays.

Poultry — Plymouth Rocks. W. A. Little.
Poultry — Light Bramas. Frank Jones.
Turkey Gobbler. Geo Brown.
Poultry — best display. A. C. Wood.
Mules or geldings — best pair, 4 years or older. Martin Bagby.
Single driver — any age. Dick Warner.
Saddle stallion — any age. Bert Bender.
Saddle mare or gelding — any age. Peter Forcade.
Saddle colt. Bert Bender.
Spring colt sired by “Tantram.” (Owned by Grigsby & Barber) John Cortez.
Filly — best two year old. W. S. Linville.
Mules — best span 4 years or older.
Mule — best two year old. J. T. Linville.
Mule colt — under one year old. Lin Epperson.
Mule — any age. M. C. Thompson.
Best Jack. John Gex.
Draft Stallion. Prince Rupert, 9637, owned by Jacob Baugher.
Draft Mare — four years or older. A. F. Howden.
Draft Colt — two years old. Geo. Beverlin.
Draft Colt — under one year old. Winner unknown.
Flowers — best display of pot grown. Fannie Haynes.
Butter — best pound. Mrs. John Goodwin.
Jellies — finest display. Mrs. Allie Montgomery, 1st; Mrs. Mark Brown, 2nd.
Bread — baked by a girl under 15. Allene Sewell.
Rolls — baked by a girl under 15. Allene Sewell.
Cake — baked by a girl under 15. Lola Brown.
Cake — baked by a man, woman or child. Celia Linville, 1st; Allene Sewell, 2nd.
Fancy Work — best display. Georgie Conner.
Counterpane — Mrs. Mary White.
Fancy Pillow — Mrs. A. W. Sewell.
Fancy Quilt. Mrs. A. P. Logan, 1st; Mrs. John Trapp, 2nd.
Stand Cover. Mrs. M. W. Atherton.
Display Battenburg — Mrs. M. W. Atherton.
Hand Quilted Quilt — Mrs. M. Wood.
Point Lace Handkerchief. Miss Artie Hobbs.
Artificial Flowers. Mrs. Flynn.
Crochet Work. Mrs. Maggie Parrish.
Specimen Silk Embroidery — hand made. Mrs. B. E. Wood.
Specimen Drawn Work. Mrs. Mollie Deffenbaugh.
Specimen Oil Painting. Mrs. J. F. Flynn.
Hand Sewing. Mrs. L. A. Cottril.
Hand Made Handkerchief. Miss Artie Hobbs.
Handkerchief Holder. Mrs. Thos. Patton.
Photo Holder. Mrs. Martha Cameron.
Baby Hood. Miss Daisy Dawson.
Hand Made Apron. Mrs. Jennie Crawford.
Foster & Co.
Best loaf of bread baked from the Gold Medal flour — one 50 pound sack. Mrs. Andy
Best light rolls baked from Gold Medal flour — one 50 pound sack. Mrs. Andy Howden.
Best loaf of bread baked from Calla Lilly flour — one fifty pound sack. Mrs. J. V.
Best light rolls baked from Calla Lilly flour — one fifty pound sack. Mrs. W. A. Little.

E. T. Duval
Best peck Cling Peaches. James Charles.
Best display Battenburg. Mrs. Atherton.
Best Hand Quilted Fancy Quilt. Mrs. Malcom Wood.
Best Pound of Butter. Mrs. A. F. Howden.

T. L. Howden
Best plate of apples. Mrs. Mary Twaddle.
Best collection of canned fruit. Mrs. G. Mark Brown.
Best display of artificial flowers. Mrs. J. F. Flynn.
Best point lace handkerchief. Artie Hobbs.
Best peck of apples. W. A. Little.
Prettiest baby under two years of age. Mrs. Frank Goslee, 1st; Mrs. Isaac Sewell, 2nd.

Pinkston Bros.
Two largest geese. Orren Masters.
Largest Tom turkey. Wampler.
Largest pumpkin. Chas. Kaufman.

J. F. Kellogg
Best loaf of bread baked from Star Patent Flour. Mrs. Geo. Riley.
Best light rolls baked from Star Patent Flour. Mrs. Andy Howden.
Best pone corn bread baked from Shambaugh Corn Meal. Mrs. Matheny.

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