Punkin Show Plans, 1902

W. J. Skidmore, the editor of the Skidmore Standard, generally kept his political and other opinions out of the paper. There were a few exceptions: the availability of parking downtown (in the form of hitchracks), the condition of sidewalks in town, and the Skidmore Punkin Show, so named after the paper’s “punkin editor.” Here are his Punkin Show thoughts from the August 5, 1902 Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Punkin Show.
“Don’t Put Off Until To-morrow What Should Be Done To-day.”
The farmers of this township and adjoining townships began last spring to prepare for the Skidmore Punkin Show, and are figuring on displaying their stuff here this fall and having a royal good time, but as yet there has been but very little done by the management of the Punkin Show and business men in the way of preparing the premium list and securing attractions for the occasion. If we expect to hold a Punkin Show here this fall it is time something is being done. The only way we can expect to have even as good a show this fall as we had last, is to go to work with a determination to make it such. But we must not stop at “as good as last year.” We must make it a better show. There is no reason why it should not be a better one, as there is going to be an abundant crop in almost everything this fall and a much larger per cent of the farmers are intending to make some kind of a display.

It is only a few more weeks until the time set for the Punkin Show — Sept. 16, 17, 18, 19 — and there will be lots of things to see which will take considerable time and no little amount of work to accomplish. Just because you don’t happen to be one of the committee is no reason you should sit back with folded arms and be classed as a “wall flower.” If you have any suggestions to offer that you think would help the thing along, tell them to the general arrangement committee and help them out all you can. As a rule heretofore, there had been a few of the more industrious citizens who have had to do all the work. This is not right, and even if it were, that is no reason why we should sit back and let the other fellow run off with all the glory.

Let us all work together and get up the biggest, grandest, and most entertaining Punkin Show this or any other town has ever held. We can do it if we try. Are we going to sit back and not make an effort?
We are not trying to rake any special one over the coals, however if the shoe fits you may have to keep it on.

We have noticed that whenever an attempt has been made to have any kind of an attraction in our city, everything has been put off until the last minute, and then there always was a rush and a hurrah, and while Skidmore generally comes up to the standard in the way of attractions, the thing is not done as well as it would have been, had it been given a few moments thought. Of all the fall attractions we know of in this part of the state, there is not one but what has already had considerable work done in the way of securing attractions and preparing their premium list — where they have one.

Every person that has any interest in or near Skidmore should do all he can to make the Punkin Show a success.

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