Punkin Show Ends in Pies, 1902

From the Skidmore Standard (Skidmore, Missouri), September 30, 1902, p. 1:

Punkin Show Ends in Pies
Maryville Papers Comment Nicely On Show and Skidmore People.
There where the punkins grow,
‘Neath the Skidmore skies,
The punkin men have had their show —
The punkins now are pies.

Skidmore’s Fourth Annual Punkin Show has done, and some “steen” hundred big, round yellow fellows that made one of the most entertaining exhibits of farm produce seen in many a day, are basking in various kitchens over the county and have or soon will form the stuffin’ for good old punkin pies like mother used to make.

The Punkin Show is over and it ended a grand success from start to finish, every feature was carried out and the entertainment was so complete that everyone who attended had a good time, and, as that was the intention of the show, Skidmore folks are satisfied.

Many Maryville people attended the show and were well pleased with the cordial entertainment accorded them. One thing above all others that struck the Maryville visitors was the fact that almost every business man in the city had some little souvenir to present to the visitors and some of them were rather expensive.

Another of the good things that caused the Maryville people to enjoy the show was the horse exhibit. There were a number of fine animals on exhibition and even folks who are not generally interested in the horses spent some time in admiring the show. — Tribune.

The annual Punkin Show occurred at Skidmore last week and was fully up to all previous shows. In the main the weather was propitious, and on Thursday — always the big day at fairs — the weather was superb, and the people for miles around, and from all towns in the county, were there, including most all the candidates. Maryville furnished a large delegation, and all are enthusiastic, not only with the show, but by the cordial manner in which they were entertained both by the business men and citizens. Skidmore is one of the most beautiful little towns in Nodaway county, and is peopled with an energetic, wide awake class of citizens. Its business men are of the up-to-date public-spirited kind that makes a town and community grow and thrive in spite of all opposition. No wonder that the “Punkin Show” is a grand annual event. It was conservatively estimated that 5,000 people were in Skidmore on Thursday. — Democrat.

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