Punkin Show Committees, 1902

It takes a village to put on a Punkin Show. We remember the hardworking Skidmore citizens who made the 1902 Punkin Show happen, particularly in the “tent putting up and taking down” and “fancy work” categories. From the August 8, 1902 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

Punkin Show Committees.
At a meeting of the Board of Directors of the Skidmore Punkin Show last Wednesday, August 6, the following committees and superintendents were appointed:

Music – Lee Chadduck, W. F. Wade, W. H. Hill.
Amusements – A. F. Hitchcock, E. D. French, W. R. Joel.
Tent putting up and taking down – J. M. French, T. P. Moorhead, T. L. Marlin.
Advertising – D. R. Baker, W. M. Howden, R. B. Foster.
Premium List – D. R. Baker, H. W. Montgomery, T. E. Haynes.
Privileges – W. M. Howden, H. W. Montgomery, J. E. Pierpoint.

Horses, light and draft – A. H. Garnett.
Mules – W. R. Linville.
Fruit – R. G. Medsker.
Grain – W. L. Diggs.
Pumpkins, squashes and gourds – Samuel Bender.
Vegetables – L. N. Torrey.
Poultry – John Gwin.
Butter, bread and cakes – Mrs. L. N. Torrey.
Canned fruits and jellies – Mrs. R. G. Medsker.
Fancy work – Mrs. A. Pinkston.
Paintings and pictures – Mrs. G. Mark Brown.
The superintendents are empowered to select assistants for their respective departments.

The time for holding the Punkin Show is not very far off and the various committees should waste no time in attending to the part assigned to them.

We had a good Punkin Show last year and there should be a strong effort made to have a better one this year. It can be done if every one will get to hustling and work with that end in view.

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