Profile of Rev. E. L. Jeffers, 1908

Portrait and profile of Rev. E. L. Jeffers of Skidmore, Missouri, 1908. He is a dark-haired young man with dark hair and a long dark moustache. He is wearing a dark suit and a dark bow tie.
Skidmore, Missouri New Era, December 17, 1908, page 9.

Rev. E. L. Jeffers.
E. L. Jeffers was born in Illinois Nov. 19, 1860, where he grew to manhood. His early schooling consisted of but a few months during the winter, but this gave him a desire for a higher education and college training and at the age of 23 years, he entered the Illinois Weslyan university, of Bloomington, Ill.

In the spring of 1890 Mr. Jeffers moved with his family to Missouri, was admitted to the Missouri Conference of the Methodist Episcopal church, and was appointed to the West Hartford charge, in the eastern part of the state. After three years of service in that field he was appointed to the Meadville charge, serving for two years, the Watson charge two years, and then Westboro church for three years. In the spring of 1900 he received and accepted a call to become the pastor of the M. E. Church at Indianola, Ill., where he served three years. On account of failing health at the end of that time he gave up the pastorate, and moved to Cameron, Mo., and spent five years in out door life. He again entered the ministerial field and was appointed to the Skidmore church.

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