Profile of Elder S. D. Harlan, 1908

Portrait and profile of Elder S. D. Harlan of Skidmore, Missouri in 1908. He is a dark-haired young man in a suit with a light-colored tie.
Profile of Elder S. D. Harlan, Skidmore, Missouri New Era, Dec. 17, 1908, p. 9.

Elder S. D. Harlan.
Shirley Dare Harlan was born April 30, 1879, on a farm in Clark county, Iowa, where he lived for fifteen years. He attended the Osceola High School for three years. He became a registered pharmacist under the Iowa state law and was in the drug business for four years. Then he entered the Drake University Bible college, taking a two years course, and began preaching the gospel soon afterward. He has been in the ministry for five years, his last regular pastorate being at Winterset, Ia. For the past two years Mr. Harlan has spent much of his time as an evangelist singer. Elder Harlan was called as pastor of the Skidmore and Maitland Christian churches about one month ago and has moved his family to Skidmore and taken up his work here.

When asked by The New Era reporter to give a sketch of family history he said; “was youngest of seven children, family poor all had to work, have a wife, and boy four years old.”

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