Praise for the Skidmore Depot, 1920

From the August 5, 1920 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Appreciate Small Things
We are so often apt to pay so little attention to the small things of life and just take for granted things that lots of times are deserving of praise.
We have in mind a place in this town that is kept uncommonly clean and neat. It is a public place and we doubt very much if there is another one on the line that is kept as nice.

Did you ever happen down to the depot on a hot afternoon, just after the floor had been freshly scrubbed and notice how nice and clean every thing is kept? The windows and door are screened, there is a can of ice water to drink and the floor gets more than a brushing out with a broom, it is actually scrubbed once or twice a week.

Did you ever notice other stations in your travels? They are usually dirty and full of flies.

This is just one of the little things that it might do someone good to mention. Then again we wonder if the people of Skidmore notice the pretty flower beds in the little park just west of the depot. There has been some work done by some one, in order to have them there. Also the corner by Barrett’s store. You know these flowers don’t just happen to grow there. We pass them time and again without giving the one who has cared for them a thought. Simply take them for granted, just as we do the fresh air and never think of saying a word of praise. We remember a poem we read some years ago, that ran something like this: “If you have a friend worth praising, praise him! do not let him wait deserved praises long.”

Really it is a good habit to scatter a few of our praises as we go along, and give them to the person who deserves them, while he is able to hear them. Praise that is given to the dead does not penetrate the ear that it might have made happy when living.

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