Ponies – 1, Ham Deffenbaugh – 0

Back in the old days, parking your vehicle had a whole different set of issues.  From the May 3, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

T. P. Moorhead has a span of little white ponies that he has to drive into the country mornings and evenings when there is a job of painting or paper hanging to be done.

At this season of the year Mr. Moorhead has about all the work he can do right here in town and the ponies are left in their stalls and in order to get a little exercise they would kick boards off the side of the barn or do any other devilment they happen to think of.

This was their mode of exercise until last Tuesday when Ham Deffenbaugh mail carrier on the east route, took them to give them some excercise – a drive of about 25 miles – and at the same time make his daily trip over the route.

Ham hitched the little Arabian rascals to a buggy which he had lately purchased and said he would drive them until they would be too tired to eat.  On his return he tied one of them to the sign post just in front of the post office and went inside to attend to his duties as a mail carrier.

The ponies were not tired in the least and proceeded to make a “merry go round” out of the buggy and post until one front wheel caught on the post and caused the vehicle to stop, but the ponies continued in their circular movement.

About all the damage worth speaking of was the breaking of one tug, one stay-strap, the doubletrees and a doubletree clevis.  The tongue also was broken in six pieces.

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