Political badges, 1913

Skidmore, Missouri enjoyed a brief, community-wide interest in rare coins in January 1913, and at least some of those coin conversations found their way into the newspaper. The hunt for historic items soon expanded to other things, as we see in the January 16, 1913 edition of the Skidmore New Era:

Older Than the Lincoln Badge

Tom Parson says that he has Uncle Joe Parrish’s Lincoln badge bested by fifteen years. Mr. Parson brought into the office this week a campaign badge bearing the names, “Jas. K. Polk for Pres., and Geo. M. Dallas, for Vice Pres.” This old badge is a fine old wood cut engraving, and has on it the Lone Star of Texas, the American eagle with a long streamer in its bill and on the streamer are the words, “Union, Harmony and Independence.” It also has a scroll on which is printed the Declaration of Independence, underneath it, supported by two great flags, is the face of the author of that mortal document, Thomas Jefferson.

We don’t know what these people will turn out next. We would not be much surprised for some of our readers to bring in the original stones containing the Ten Commandments.

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