Please Bring My Little Brother Some Candy

More letters to Santa Claus from the 1908 Skidmore New Era’s Christmas edition:

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 8, ’08
Dear Santa Claus:
Will you please bring me a doll, a set of dishes, some candy, nuts, and an orange.  With love to Santa Claus.
Nellie Ross.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 1, 1908
Dear Santa Claus:
I wish you would bring me a doll buggy with a doll in it, some candy and fruit and anything else that you think would be nice for a little girl that will be seven years old Xmas eve.
Your friend, Lucile Linville

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, ’08
Dear Santa.
Will write you a little letter to tell you what I want.  Please bring me a trunk, a story book and a knife that will hold edge.
Hoping you’ll bring all of these things I remain yours, Dean Goslee

Skidmore, Mo., Nov. 30, ’08
Dear Santa:
I want some skates, candy, a sled and blocks for Xmas.  My brother Claude is 5 years old.  He wants a sled, candy and peanuts.  He is too little to write but he told me what he wanted.
Lynn Phipps

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, 08.
Dear Santa claus: I will write and tell you what I want for christmas.  I want a doll, a doll cart, and a new dress.  I would like to have some new hair ribbons.  I am in the third grade.  There are 11 of us in that grade.
Your little girl, Bonnie Tracy.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, ’08
Dear Santa:
I will write you a few lines to tell you what I want for Xmas.  A doll, story book, a doll cradle, a little trunk.  I want you to bring every little child something.  I am ten years old go to school and am in the fourth grade.  I go to Sunday school too.
Your friend, Omie Colwell.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, 08.
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a sled for winter, a foot ball, a book, and an air gun.  I want every boy and girl to get something for christmas.
Your friend, Walter Wheeler.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 4, ’08
Dear Santa Claus:
I saw a notice in The New Era that every little girl and boy could write you a letter, telling what they wanted you to bring them.  I am a little girl and want a lot of books, a doll and a bracelet.  Please put them where I can find them Xmas morning.  I am past six years old and my birthday was on September 2.
Your little friend, Ada Imboden
P. S. Please bring my little brother some candy and put it with the things you bring me.
A. B.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 10, ’08
Dear Santa:
I thought I would write you a few lines to tell you what I want for Xmas.  A doll, bracelet, candy, and some nuts.  I am eight years old and go to school.
Your friend, Alta Stults

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, ’08
Dear Santa Claus:
I want a box of paints, a sled, and basket ball and a train.  If you know any little boys or girls who can’t get anything, bring them something.
Good bye, Frank Wade.

Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 1, 1908
Santa Claus:
Please bring me a base ball, ball glove, a gun, a top and a bass drum.
Thank you for the nice presents you brought me last Christmas.
Your friend, Rounsaville Clark.

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