Please Bring Me a Horse Named Clyde

The following appeals to the Jolly Old Elf appeared in the Skidmore New Era’s Christmas edition, December 17, 1908:

Dear Santa:
Please bring me a drum, a pop gun, horn, automobile and a train.
Orville Irvine


Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 2, 1908
Dear Santa:
Please bring me a bracelet, a stove, a doll, a tea set and a bed for dollie.
Mary Irvine


Skidmore, Mo., Nov. 30, ’08
Dear Santa:
I want a knife, candy and nuts, a watch and some chewing gum.  I want a horse and a wagon, a wheel barrow and a gun.
Yours truly, Alfred Reese.


Skidmore, Mo., Nov. 27, 1908
Dear Santa:
I want a doll and a doll cart too, a stove, a blackboard and a story book too, a rocking chair and a ring.  I have the teddy bear yet.
Helen Ruth Hall


Dear Santa Claus:
Please bring me a horse named “Clyde” and a watch.  Bring me a train, a wagon, lots of candy and nuts and a barrel of apples.  Bring anything else you see that you think I need.
With love, Paul Finney
1010 S. Costilla St.
Colorado Springs, Colo.


Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 5, 1908
Dear Santa Claus:
I thought I would write and tell you what I want for Christmas.  I want a ring, a bracelet, a book, a locket and chain, a watch, a French harp, a pony and lots of candy and nuts.  That is all for this time.
Yours truly, Minnie Willis


Skidmore, Mo., Dec. 3, 08
Dear Santa Claus:
I want to write you a few lines to let you know that I live in Skidmore again so you will be sure not to forget me.  Please bring me a train that runs on a track, a little automobile, a little barn with some little horses and a knife.  My little brother can play with them too.  I would like some candy, banannas and oranges.
From your little friend, Cecil Ross


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