Play Ball!

Ad for Sewell Brothers and Montgomery selling baseball outfits and equipment.
From the May 16, 1902 Skidmore Standard

Our ancestors were a hardy bunch – we knew this.  When it came to baseball uniforms, there was nothing like a wool jacket and trousers combined with a shirt and tie.

Those of you planning to dress for the World Series might want to take some tips from this 1902 ad for the Sewell Bros. & Montgomery store in Skidmore.  You buy the suit, they’ll furnish the Base Ball, Bat, and Cap.

Choose from Three Piece Knickerbockers, buy a dainty suit for dress or a sturdy suit for romp.  As one of our modern American television characters would attest, a good suit can provide faultless style.  Sewell Bros. provided the reasonable prices and a variety from which to choose.

You can’t ask for much more than that.  Sewell Bros. & Montgomery – “Whatever is here is good; There is nothing here that isn’t.”

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