Plant Those Chrysanthemums

A plea to the ladies from the editor of the March 9, 1905 Skidmore New Era:

To The Ladies
Five years ago the ladies of our little city gave a Chrsanthemum Show, in the Opera House, which was a decided success.  The hall was a bower of beauty, about 250 plants being on exhibit and the financial part was entirely satisfactory to those concerned.

We would suggest that the ladies of the three churches go together and give a show this fall that will outshine their former efforts, both in number and in beauty.  The money derived from the show could be divided among the three churches, which could use it in any manner they saw fit.

Let the ladies call a meeting at an early date and devise plans as it will soon be time to start plants, if a show is held.

Alas, the editor’s valiant call to action went unheeded in March, as this appeared on the front page of the April 13, 1905 New Era:

Ladies, Get Busy
A short time ago, there was printed in this paper, an article, especially for the ladies, which suggested to them that those living in and near town should begin to prepare for a chrysanthemum show for this fall, but so far no action has been taken.  This is the month that the plants should be started and if the ladies intend to get ready for a show it is high time that a meeting be called to organize for this work.  Ladies get busy.

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