Personals, Week of July 12, 1923

Small items of personal and community news were a major component of the Skidmore, Missouri newspaper in the early 20th century. Here’s one example from the July 12, 1923 Skidmore News, page 8:

George Knepper purchased a new Ford car this week.
W. W. Grigsby made a business trip to Kansas City Monday, returning Tuesday.
Miss Pauline Manchester left Monday morning for Rulo, Nebr., where she will visit relatives for a few days.
Mrs. Cliff Carden and little son Ross Jr., spent Tuesday and Wednesday, guest of Mr. and Mrs. Mart Carden.
John Shrewsbury of Kansas City, came Sunday and visited with relatives and friends, returning Monday. Douglas Linville returned with him for a few days visit.
Mrs. James McDonald of Maryville spent Wednesday with her daughter.
Mr. and Mrs. Joe McDonald of near Quitman, spent Wednesday with Mr. and Mrs. George Smith.
Have a few Mirro Aluminum Perserving sets at $1.98. See our display. L. D. Jordan & Son.
Hallie Merritt drove to Maryville Monday evening and brought his little son Ralph, home with him. Ralph had been in the hospital for several days, and is getting along nicely now.
Mrs. Cramp returned to her home in Chicago Sunday, after visiting the past two weeks with her father, L. N. Torrey. Her niece, Miss Dorothy Glenn, returned with her for a few weeks visit. Miss Carrie Torrey also returned to her home in Omaha, Nebr., Sunday.
Some one entered the home of Cliff Carden a few days ago during their absence and took his new slippers and a sheet. As Cliff is not used to going bare-footed like his father, Mart, he says if the party will return the slippers, he will not ask any questions.
A. E. Johnson returned from Maryville yesterday where he had been visited his son and daughter since Saturday. Mr. Johnson brought with him a clock that Ralph had made out of an old walnut chopping block. It is finished up in fine shape, equal to or better than you see at some of the stores.
See the “New” New Process Oil Stove with Lorain High Speed Burner. L. D. Jordan & Son.
Mrs. W. W. Grigsby went to Kansas City about two weeks ago where she visited at the home of Mrs. E. G. Hawkins. Mrs. Hawkins’s daughter, Mrs. Dudley Pason of Pomona, California, was there also. They had a very pleasant time talking over old times, as they are all former residents of Pomona, and were great friends there. Mrs. Grigsby returned Saturday.

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