Patent Medicine Meets Politics

And we thought snark was a modern invention.  We were wrong.  From the May 12, 1899 Skidmore Standard, a little patent medicine meets politics meets pulling our leg:

One of Governor Stevens’s friends up in Nodaway county, having seen the governor’s picture intimately associated with a patent medicine advertisement, got the impression that his excellency was the patentee and manufacturer of the nostrum, so wrote him this letter:  “A year ago I fell into a thrashing machine while feeding it, and became so entangled with the cylinder that I was tore into shreds, and came out with the straw in small pieces.  The bystanders believed that there was no hope, but a stranger appeared on the scene with a bottle of your Concentrated Extract of Baled Hay and gave me a dose.  The result was immediate.  I had barely swallowed the mixture before I got up and cracked my heels together and turned a double handspring.  I shall certainly support you, a benefactor of the human race, for any office you may want, and I trust that after you become United States senator you will continue to manufacture your unrivaled remedy.”

Governor Stevens is at a loss how to answer the letter, since to disillusionize the writer might be to stem the tide of enthusiasm in Nodaway county.  — K. C. World

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