Party for Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strader

From the January 20, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1:

Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strader were very pleasantly surprised with an oyster supper given by the members of the Woman’s Missionary Society. Music, and the game 42 were enjoyed. Those in the party were: Mrs. Maggie Tarpley, Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Strader, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Johnston, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Slauson, Mr. and Mrs. Charles Nichols, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Turpin, Mr. and Mrs. Ed Johnston, Mr. Charley Walton, Leland Nichols, Bessie Lee Slauson, Maxine Nichols, Miss Dollie Hughbanks, Eldora and Frances Lee Nichols. Mr. and Mrs. Strader are leaving in the near future for Colorado for Mrs. Strader’s health. We are sorry to lose them and shall miss them especially at Sunday School; but hope Mrs. Strader’s health will soon be recovered and they will be back with us. — Centenary Items

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