Pants? No Service.

In the “How Times Have Changed” department, we bring you this international news item, as published in the April 7, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

Defeat for Bloomers

London, April 5 — A test case which has excited great interest in cycling circles was decided at the Kingston sessions when Lady Harberton charged the landlady of a hotel with havin grefused to serve her because she was attired in bloomers.  Lady Harberton, who is treasurer of the Rational Dress League, said on the witness stand that she had traveled 4,000 miles and through the West end of London in bloomers.  The landlady pleaded that she only refused to serve her ladyship in the coffee room and would have served her in a private room or at the ordinary bar.  She also claimed her business would be ruined if she was obliged to serve some women attired in bloomers.  The jury decided against Lady Harberton.”

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