Our Band, 1899

Building on the success of the Skidmore Military Band, which played at the Maryville races in August 1899, several men in Skidmore decided to form a band to play at the St. Joseph Jubilee in September.  They received encouragement from the town, as we see from these items in the Skidmore Standard.

From the Skidmore Standard, August 18, 1899:

W. F. Wade, George Manchester and Walter Sandifer went to Maitland, Sunday, to meet and practice with the men who will compose a band at the St. Joseph Jubliee, next month.

Skidmore talent will be used in one of the best bands that will play for the St. Joseph Jubliee, next month.  The band will be composed of players from several different towns.  W. F. Wade, Walter Sandifer, and George Manchester will represent our town.

From the Skidmore Standard, August 25, 1899:

“Donovan’s Hayseed Band” practiced in Linville’s hall, Sunday afternoon.  The boys are getting ready for the St. Joseph Jubilee next month, and will be able to furnish some very fine music.  One of the players informed a Standard reporter that the band will be composed of sixteen pieces and the members will be dressed in ‘hayseed’ uniforms – blue bib overalls, hickory shirts and big straw hats.

From the September 1, 1899 Skidmore Standard:

The Skidmore band has been engaged to play at St. Joseph during Jubilee week.  They are good ones and will fill the air with great wads of resonant sounds. – Maitland Newspaper.

The Band that will play at the St. Joseph Jubilee, next week, will practice in town, Sunday afternoon.  We may expect to hear some fine music.

And, finally, success.  Reported in the September 8, 1899 Skidmore Standard, page 1:

The band made some fine music Sunday afternoon.  The boys started, Tuesday morning, for St. Joseph to play at the Jubilee.  The St. Joseph Daily News (Wednesday) contained the following notices of the band.

“The Skidmore band attracted considerable attention upon the streets today, uniformed in blue overalls and wide brimmed straw hats.  The boys made good music.”

“The Farmers’ Band has made one of the hits of the week.  It is composed of cattle shippers who are also musicians and who have belonged to organizations at Skidmore, Maitland, Maryville, Mound City and other points was organized at the suggestion of C. T. Donovan and the eighteen members, while they are just out for fun, make really excellent music.  The costumes are overalls, ‘hickry’ shirts big straw hats and red handkerchiefs.”

The boys are Missourians and are out for fun but there is not a stock shipper in the whole bunch. Indeed, some of the boys would not know a Jersey from a Short-horn, but they probably look like cow-punchers in their costumes and so the News error is pardonable.


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