Ordinance No. 50

As published in the June 8, 1905 Skidmore Standard on page 1:

Ordinance No. 50.

Chapter 1.  An Ordinance regulating the presence and behavior of individuals on the public streets, alleys and grounds of the City of Skidmore in the night time:

Be it Ordained by the Board of Alderman of the City of Skidmore as follows:

Section 1.  That it shall be unlawful for any person, or persons to be found in, or wandering upon any of the streets, alleys, or public places, such as school or church grounds, or in or upon any vacant or unoccupied lot or building, within the corporate limits of the City of Skidmore after the hour of ten o’clock p.m., unless in the performance of some lawful and urgent act or errand.  And any person or persons so found, by any City officer, who fails or refuses, on request of such officer, to give a reasonable excuse therefor, may be taken into immediate custody by such officer, and upon conviction therefor, be fined in a not less than one, nor more than one hundred dollars.

Adopted June 5th 1905.

Attest.  W. R. Linville, Mayor.  E. D. French, City Clerk.

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