Orange Pudding Ice Cream, 1921

Two advertisements for Skidmore, Missouri establishments selling orange pudding ice cream in 1921.
Ice cream advertisements from the Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), June 16, 1921, p. 1

“Special for Saturday and Sunday — Orange Pudding Ice Cream. The new Fruit Cream, at Garnett’s.” “Ice Cream Special. Saturday and Sunday, June 18 and 19 – Orange Pudding Special Fruit Cream. Patterson’s Cafe.” Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), June 16, 1921, page 1.

If Garnett’s AND Patterson’s were both offering it, we know it had to be the newest and niftiest. Orange pudding ice cream seemed like an important point of historical research, so we dove in.

The Candy Kitchen of Falls City, Nebraska offered it in 1922, as did the Palace of Sweets in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. The Davenport, Iowa Daily Times of June 23, 1927 had an ad from the Ideal Ice Cream company of Davenport, Iowa (“Ice Cream for Health”) which advertised, “Each week ‘Ideal’ has a new Ice Cream surprise for you. This week it’s Orange Pudding Ice Cream. First we take the juice of the choicest Sunkist Oranges. We mix this with a delicious, creamy custard. Then all this is mixed with pure, pasteurized cream and frozen in the ‘Ideal’ way.”

We can find advertising for a Borden version from 1950, which describes “Sliced cherries mixed through orange ice cream give a surprise flavor to this refreshing summer dessert” (Waterloo, Iowa Courier, 9 August 1950, p. 8), and a Verifine Orange Pudding Ice Cream ad which says, “Its refreshing orange flavor combined with a combination of rich Cream will really hit the spot” (Sheboygan Press, 11 May 1961, p. 23).

A little more research revealed that Mr. Burt M. Allen of Rockford, Illinois claimed to be the originator of the flavor. His factory, which produced 140 gallons of ice cream per hour, was profiled in the Rockford Daily Register-Gazette on June 10, 1908. Many years later, the September 10, 1980 edition of the Rockford Register Star offered a recipe for the dish that included orange juice, lemon juice, candied orange peel and optional cherries and nuts.

There are references on TripAdvisor to visitors having orange pudding ice cream at the Burnett Dairy Cooperative in Wisconsin and the Union Dairy of Freeport, Illinois. We may need to undertake a road trip to investigate for the sake of science and truth in reporting.

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