One Ring Circus

The circus is coming!  The circus is coming, and it’s bringing a pony named Sparkle!  That’s worth a quarter, at least, and they’ll throw in four sensational Flying DeNovas, too.

From the July 29, 1915 Skidmore New Era:

Good Show Coming
On Friday, July 30 of this week, the Eldridge & Embree Combined Shows will show in Skidmore.  This show comes highly recommended by prominent people of towns where it has appeared this season.  The following is what the Albany (Missouri) Capital has to say concerning the performance recently given at that place:

The Eldrige & Embree Combined Shows closed their three days dating here to a fair crowd last Saturday night.  Owing to the unfavorable weather, the crowds were not as large as they would have been, but all who did attend were well pleased with the clean, meritorious show put on.  Mr. Eldrige with his troupe of trained ponies, won generous applause, and his work with Sparkle also caught on strong with the audiences.  There are few prettier ponies in the world than Sparkle, and the stunts that he pulls off under Mr. Eldrige’s training are at once the delight of the little folks and the surprise of the older ones in the crowds.

Mrs. Eldrige, both in her tightwire work and in her riding act on her handsome trained horse, received generous applause, while Rose Maretta, in her remarkable balancing acts, the four Flying DeNovas, in their trapeze work, and the Alton family tumblers, with their specialties, all proved features that would do credit to any of the larger circuses.  There are few of the smaller shows that can boast so many strong features as are put on by Messers. Eldrige & Embree; they have a show that is entitled to play to “packed houses” at every date booked, and we predict a prosperous season’s business for them.

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