Oakland Model 34-B

If you were one of those kids who were relieved to learn you were still of driving age, you might have coveted a fine automobile like this Oakland model for sale by G. O. Riley of Skidmore:

Ad for the Oakland Model 34-B. Text follows.
Ad for the Oakland Model 34-B from the Skidmore News, January 24, 1918, page 6.

Text of ad reads, “Oakland Model 34-B. the Oakland is a six cylinder car, with a 44-horse-power engine. It has overhead valves which means more power, less fuel. it is equipped with semi-elliptic springs, both front and rear; the only spring with easy riding qualities. The Oakland has over-size tires, which means a saving. Watch this space next week for a fuller description of the Oakland. Better still, ask the agent for a demonstration and then you will be convinced. G. O. Riley, Agent, Skidmore, Mo.”

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