Nodaway County First in Mod Cons, 1921

We’re proud to say Nodaway County farms had an impressive number of kitchen sinks, and we’re grateful to live in a time when running water in the kitchen is something we’re able to take for granted. Here are the statistics from the September 22, 1921 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri):

Nodaway First in Farm Conveniences.

According to a recent survey by E. A. Logan and Jewell Mayes of the Missouri Cooperative Crop Reporting Service, Nodaway county leads all other counties in the number of modern conveniences in farm homes.

The report places Nodaway first place in the number of kitchen sinks, number of bath rooms in farm homes and the number of modern heating systems; second in number of gasoline or oil stoves in farm homes; and third in number of barns supplied with running water.

Missouri farms have 23,870 kitchen sinks (or nine per hundred farms), with the leading counties being Nodaway, Jackson, Saline, Henry, and Jasper, in the order named. Every county has farm homes with water in the kitchen.

Farm bath rooms are estimated at 16,048 (or six per hundred farms), the counties with the largest number being Nodaway, Jackson, Henry, Saline and Lafayette, with Bollinger reported as having less than one per hundred farms.

Barns supplied with running water, total 4,647 with Saline, St. Louis, Nodaway, Callaway and Green, the county leading in order named.

Farm houses built in recent years have many of the modern conveniences, and they are also being installed in old houses as fast as remodeled. The present price of pipe fittings and labor are too high to liberally foster installing these conveniences at the present time.

More advancement has been made during the past five years than in the twenty-five years preceding in household betterments, and the farmers’ wife is rapidly coming into her own as to conveniences. Many farm homes have water pumped direct from the well into the kitchen sink that do not have other running water facilities, and the sink is usually the first of these betterments. Dozens of farm homes have bath rooms for practical use that are not fixed up in show style, and therefore are never seen. Very few modern conveniences are found on tenant farms.

Cows and hens are responsible in a great many localities for many of the modern day household improvement. There is no question but what the next important movement on Missouri farms will be better homes with modern conveniences instead of buying adjacent farm lands when there is extra money to be spent by the Missouri farmer.

Andrew county has 420 kitchen sinks, 233 bathrooms and 46 barns with running water. Atchison has 416 kitchen sinks, 150 bathrooms and 92 barns with running water. Gentry has 363 sinks, 249 bathrooms and 45 modern barns. Holt has 272 sinks, 235 bathrooms and 72 barns with water. Worth has 218 kitchen sinks, 157 bathrooms and 36 barns with water.

Nodaway county has almost double as many kitchen sinks as any other county, with 951. There are 695 farm bathrooms and 146 barns with running water.

Missouri farm heating systems number 15,748 (or six per hundred farms) and of this number 10,771 are hot air, 3,020 hot water and 1,957 steam furnaces.

During the last few years there has been a growing demand for better and more modern farm homes. In many counties wood fuel is getting scarce, and farmers are turning to furnaces. The hot air furnace has been more generally installed than all others combined.
Nodaway county leads with 657 farm heating plants, Jackson 634, Saline 542, Henry 493 and Lafayette 420. Counties estimated to have less than one hundred farms are Benton, Camden, Carter, Douglas, Hickory, Maries, Ste. Genvieve, Shannon, Stoddard, Taney, Texas, Wayne and Wright, which have a good supply of wood fuel.

Of Nodaway County’s farm heating systems, 109 are steam furnaces, 146 hot water furnaces, and 402 hot air systems. Andrew County has 349 heating plants, Atchison 261, Gentry 271, Holt 307 and Worth 157.

Missouri farm housewives have 116,422 gasoline and oil stoves. The last few years show heavy increase in the number of oil stoves used on farms.

Counties having but little wood report the largest number, while others with good supply of fire wood are using but few. In many homes a gasoline stove or oil stove is considered a necessity. The leading counties are Saline 2,565; Nodaway 2,623; St. Louis 2,427; Johnson 2,328; and Bates 2,275.

An addition to these supplements to the old-fashioned cook stove is the fireless cooker which has come into use in late years, with 5,645 on Missouri farms. The five leading counties in its use are Johnson, Jackson, Saline, Lafayette and pike, in order named. The counties reported having less than one per hundred farms are Benton, Cedar, Douglas, Iron, Laclede, Madison, Oregon, Osage, Perry, Ripley, Shannon, Stone and Wayne.

Various other minor helps in kitchen and dining room are kitchen cabinets, which are quite numerous, carpet sweepers and hand-power vacuum cleaners. The counties surrounding Nodaway are listed as follows:

Andrew has 1,330 gasoline and oil stoves, Atchison 985, Gentry 1,334, Holt 1,034, and Worth 765. Andrew has 93 fireless cookers, Atchison 46, Gentry 22, Holt 108 and Worth 60. Nodaway has 109.

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