News from Route Number Two

The rural free mail delivery carriers sometimes provided the Skidmore Standard with the latest bits of news from both the post office and the houses along their routes.  This one is from the August 5, 1902 Skidmore Standard:

Route Number Two.

Too late for Friday’s issue.

The following is the number of pieces collected and delivered on mail route No. 2 for the month of July.  Number of pieces delivered, 6,847; collected, 1,229; total collected and delivered, 8,075.  Stamps canceled, $16.92; number of letters delivered, 788; cards, 193; papers 5,601; circulars, 200; packages, 64.  Number of money orders collected, 13; letters, 439; cards, 21; papers, 11; circulars, 741; packages, 83.

C. M. Charles is now plowing his corn the second time.  Mr. Charles believes in the theory of “better late than never.”

E. L. Charles went to Maryville the first of the week to purchase gas and oil.

All the farmers along the route are busy making hay this sunny weather.

J. L. Shockley expects to move into his new house about the first of September.

Mrs. P. K. Brown and Mrs. W. E. Elsworth were in Maryville Wednesday.

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