New Auto Hearse and Ambulance, 1916

We are not entirely sure how we feel about the multipurpose sound of “auto hearse and ambulance,” but at least the price was the same as the horse hearse. Practical undertaking news from the November 30, 1916 Skidmore New Era (Skidmore, Missouri), page 5:

Ad illustrated with a tall ambulance from 1916. Text of ad follows.
Ad from the Skidmore New Era, November 30, 1916, p. 5.

Ad reads, “New Auto Hearse and Ambulance. We have just added a new Auto Hearse and ambulance to our already complete undertaking stock and are now ready to answer calls in any part of the country. Price the same as horse hearse. Lady Attendant. Immediate service day or night. H. R. E. Kelly, Maitland, Mo.”

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