Never Let the Editor Review Your Love Letters

For those feeling cynical about romance in this post-Valentine’s Day season, we offer the following from the January 25, 1901 Skidmore Standard:

We saw a love letter the other day written by a man to a woman.  He called her an angel, and said if he could live one day in her presence it would be equal to an eternity in heaven.  The letter was gushy and foolish beyond description, but the woman was flattered.  The woman should have known that she was not an angel, she should know that a day in her presence would not be equal to an eternity in heaven; she should have known that the man was doing a lot of sentimental lying, and that men do this sort of thing regularly.  There is not excuse for a woman believing a lot of things about herself that she knows is not true.  She should know that frequently when men pretend to be fooled they are not. – Ex.

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