Neighborly Club Valentine Party, 1922

Social news from the February 16, 1922 Skidmore News (Skidmore, Missouri), page 1.

A Valentine Party.

The Neighborly Club was entertained with a valentine party at the home of Mr. and Mrs. J. O. Miller, February 15. Each guest, on their arrival, had one hand tied in a paper sack, and after all had assembled, were told to shake hands with as many people as they could without tearing the sack. Mrs. Vernon Ward was the only one who had such honors. Next the guests were divided into groups representing the month of the year in which they were born, and when all had found their place, they were told that each group was to do a stunt to indicate the month, which was to be guessed by the other groups.

After this, beautifully decorated tables were placed in the rooms and each person was told to find their place card. While the lunch was being placed on the tables the guests were entertained with toasts. F. H. Barrett acted as toastmaster. The following subjects were ably responded to. City of Skidmore, Mrs. Hazel Garnett. Our Legion Boys, Mrs. Winnie Montgomery; Our Guests, J. C. Spahr; The Men, Mrs. Carrie Masters; Masonic Lodge, J. O. Miller; To Our Hostess, G. L. Owen; The Neighborly Club, R. A. Walker.

A two-course lunch was served, after which a card was given to each person, telling them some stunt to do to gain their partner for the game of somerset. Each one entered into the fun, and much merriment was created in the search for partners.

The house was beautifully decorated with cupids, hearts and darts, and the scheme was adhered to in the luncheon.

Besides the members of the club, the following guests were there: Mr. and Mrs. Van Goslee, Mr. and Mrs. John McMahon, Mr. and Mrs. Vernon Ward, Prof. and Mrs. J. W. Pierce, Mrs. Gilbert Lewis, Mrs. Wallace, Miss Snelling, Miss Florence Jordan, Miss Minnie Kramer and Miss Eula Miller.

The following ladies assisted Mrs. Miller: Mrs. Rura Barber, Mrs. Hazel Garnett, Mrs. Inez Loucks, Mrs. Rosa Spahr, Mrs. Ethel Wells and Mrs. Florence Hoblitzell.

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